Maker Places

Maker Places for Games

To bring a pop-up game lab to your community or support these programs, please contact Jeffrey Sens at

Pixel Arts Playlab

• Beginning in 2014, Pixel Arts will begin a program to launch Portland’s first open community space dedicated to the independent publishing of games. We are working with Motive Space, a nonprofit property developer and advisory network in Portland, Oregon, and the Portland Metro STEM Partnership to create a site for community collaboration.

Pop-Up Maker Labs

Let’s Make Rosewood, July 2013

In July, we collaborated through the Portland Metro STEM partnership with an amazing set of partners–TinkerCamp, OMSI and Intel–to host a pop up maker space.  Our exhibit offered rapid prototyping activities to help build a context for game design.  Youth created their own games from cardboard, crafted their own fantasy card games, and drew new game landscapes of imagination.  As part of our East Portland focus, Let’s Make Rosewood provided a great opportunity for local outreach and community building.

Maker Neighbors

• We are exploring partner programs with local and regional maker places.  Besides contacting luminaries like Brain Silo and ADX, we are excited to explore new opportunities with ThinkerSmith in Eugene, OR and centers like Tincan in Spokane, WA. The community network program is supported by the Portland Metro STEM partnership, which seeks to expand opportunities for STEM education.



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