About Us



Pixel Arts is dedicated to open sourcing social transformation through video games. Our mission is to create safe, intergenerational learning spaces to play, build and design games together. By creating safe environments and resources for youth and adults invested in maker culture and games, we serve the belief that shared creation and education provides value to our communities.


Our vision is that every community can open source social change through games and provide tools and resources to transform lives. Imagine learning through play where discovery inspires engagement and failure encourages more exploration, better communication, and shared innovation. By providing robust services in learning and mentoring, we support long-term development of educational and economic resilience for the prosperity of all underserved youth in our communities.

What We Do

We provide maker-based learning in games that support the building blocks of creative innovation: play, make and design.

We create welcoming, safe intergenerational learning events that encourage diversity, generosity and collaboration.

We community organize to bring hands on, fun events to your learning community and neighborhood.

We build bridges to help overcome the digital and economic divide that separates youth from institutional resources and support.

We connect  K-12 educators to STEM and STEAM resources for maker-based learning through games and provide advisory services for creating engagement through play.

We work in hands-on environments to open source social transformation through inclusion, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among diverse communities of engagement.

We support Youth-Adult partnerships in social justice by collaborating with not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations in making games for social good.

Who We Are

Pixel Arts Game Education is a not-for-profit association and a program partner of TechStart Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that promotes wider access to technology education for K-12 students in order to strengthen the skills they need to thrive in the global economy.


Pixel Arts was founded in June 2013 by Will Lewis and Jeffrey Sens in order to provide a framework for community groups to organize resources, bring volunteers together and create local opportunities for safe, intergenerational game education.

The vision and mission of Pixel Arts was born from shared conversations that began in November 2012 by the Portland Game Education Group, a team of dedicated volunteers exploring how to create maker-based learning in games for youth.  With their generous support and passion, Pixel Arts established a road map to building program partnerships and developing an ecosystem of support that includes the Portland Metro STEM Partnership Collaboratory, ChickTech, Free Arts NW, Portland YouthBuilders and many more.

Learn more about our partnerships and ecosystem and see how your community can get involved in creating transformative social change through games.


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