What parents and youth are saying about Pixel Arts Game Education…

Youth’ Voices

“You guys were so amazing and it was so encouraging to have you all around. Keep it up!” C. Strumbaugh, Youth

“Excellent job. I had a lot of fun, thanks for coming!” L. Reyes, Youth

“Thanks for helping us learn new things, it’s so much fun.” S. Patterson, Youth

“A fun and valuable experience.” Z, McEmrys, Youth

“All the mentors were wonderful and helped me a lot.” D. Dixon, Youth

Thank you so much! This was very helpful!

“Very friendly and very much dedicated to seeing us improve.” M. Nguyen, Youth

Parents’ Voices

“This is one of the best classes my children have taken–well organized, engaging and of superior quality. Love the creativity!” Summer, Parent

“This is an outstanding program. My daughter was completely engaged and absorbed critical tools she’ll use in the future. Engaging their imagination gets them and keeps them learning.” H. Exerjian, Parent

“Loved the program–everyone always had smiles. Heard lots of laughter.” and “He doesn’t like much but loved this camp.” C. Carrell, Parent

“My daughter has Asperger’s syndrome. She decided she wanted to try this program without making the volunteers aware. After her first day anxiety, she had a wonderful time. The volunteers were supportive and wonderful with her. She had a wonderful experience!” Gresham Library Camp, V.P., Parent.

“My daughter looked forward to each class eagerly and learnt so much. Thank you!” P. Menon, Parent

“My child had a wonderful time and spoke very well of your staff. Thank you so much for offering this wonderful program.” C. Manger, Parent

“This was something we just heard about by chance. My son was so excited for an opportunity to learn something that he’s never had an opportunity to before. Sadly, this entire elective was cut at his high school. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” PYB Camp, Parent

“You did a great job. My son was so happy that he went to the camp.” PYB Camp, Parent

“I am very grateful for the experience and caring that the volunteers brought to this camp. It was a great experience for Z. and she had a wonderful time.” PYB Camp, Parent

“You were all wonderful, thank you! As a parent you often worry when you leave your child in the care of others. Everyone I encountered had a smile on their face, seemed patient while answering questions & while waiting to pick up my son I could overhear teammates working with other youth, calling parents & verifying that it was okay for children to walk home before allowing them to leave. All of this made me feel very confident that my child was in good hands, so again, thank you!” PYB Camp, Parent

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