Community Partners

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  • Advise how the Mythos Challenge can help you support youth in your communities.
  •  Promote and enroll youth in the Mythos Council.
  • Provide a staff member or volunteer to support the Mythos Council.
  • Provide skill-development workshops to support youth games and apps.
  • Advise and assist teams to complete their submission to the Museum Play Challenge.
  • Speak to businesses and help raise matching funds for the Youth Play Fund.
  • Host a maker space or a local Mythos council.

Community Endorsers


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  • Encourage and assist youth to enroll in the Mythos Council and the Museum Play Challenge.
  • Distribute and promote the Mythos Challenge.
  • Advocate for the Mythos Challenge to government representatives, educators, and businesses.
  • Provide a site for a community group to host workshops or a local Mythos Council.

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