We create safe, intergenerational learning gardens for diverse youth to play, make, and design games together with adults.

Pixel Arts Games Education (PAGE) is a registered Oregon education non-profit that is growing rapidly in the Greater Metropolitan Portland Area and East County, Oregon. We are expanding, and all positions are hired as independent contractors and provide no benefits regarding health care or workers compensation. Employment opportunities are part of PAGE’s economic development program which includes a Youth Play Fund, paid internships, and stipends for volunteer learning designers.

Positions Available: Program Coordinator

Your task will be to lead school camps for Grades 5-8 and learning modules in coding, art, music, story, and design. You need not be expert or experienced in these, and you will be educated, trained, and equipped by Pixel Arts to implement our learning practices.


Able to manage programs and implement healthy systems for volunteers, youth, and adults to make games together. Experience with positive youth development or youth-adult partnerships are highly valued.

Capable of extremely strong oral communication and listening. Experience in after-school camps, mentoring, or youth activities is highly valued.

Able to manage a team and coordinate volunteers with an ethic of care in challenging, focused work. Experience in coaching and training is highly valued.

Can think through problems and devise solutions with existing resources on the spot.

Can self-organize and adapt frameworks to meet learning goals. Learning design experience and knowledge is highly valued.

Must be able to practice self-care and show integrity for youth and adult safety. Facilitation experience and knowledge is highly valued.


Contract Period and Terms:

Positions range from 3-16 hours a week, and pay likely is $20-35/hr depending on the program contract and work. Programs vary in duration from 90 minutes to 6 hours.

Contracts are yearly although time period of work can vary by school semester, season, and school breaks.


Is This for Me?

The primary qualification for a coordinator is the capacity to respond with intention, care, and awareness to often variable needs of youth learning together. As a coordinator, you will create a learning garden in schools, libraries, and community centers for youth to play, make, and design games together.

This is challenging work. It can be joyous, fun, and amazing, but it requires great awareness, adaptability, and consideration to respond to failures. As a coordinator, you are not delivering a class or teaching. Instead, you are growing a diverse, positive learning community with youth and adults learning to work together.

At PAGE, we practice continuous improvement. Just as with volunteers who serve youth, coordinators are held to high standards of conduct and commitment.

If this inspires something in you, please email, info at GameEducationPDX.com, to discuss this opportunity.



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