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Join the 2016 Mythos Youth Council

Council member applications have closed for 2016. The Youth Council is still accepting applications for School Captains and for Committee Members.

If you would like to help organize or bring the Mythos Challenge to your community, please email us at

Apply to Join the Mythos Youth Council

The Mythos Challenge inspires Oregon youth to become digital makers and to connect with other youth and broader learning communities. This year we remixed myths from all over the world into digital stories and games, and 2016 will expand this platform for youth voice with workshops, museum collections, and technology.

The Mythos Youth Council splits into committees such as the Parties Committee, which handles all ceremonies and events, and the Awards Committee, which manages submissions and decides awards. We represent youth from many community organizations, and we help to create an open space for diverse youth voice. The youth council is important for youth because it encourages empowerment, responsibility and teamwork for the greater good of many communities.

Apply now to become a community youth leader of the Mythos Challenge!

The Mythos Youth Council


About the Mythos Youth Council

The youth council is located near Multnomah County and leads the Mythos Challenge. The Mythos Youth Council is an amazing opportunity for you to gain college, career, and professional development.

You work equally with professionals from the Portland Art Museum and industry sectors in Digital Storytelling including film, software and game development, library services, and more. By participating, you have fun and gain practical experience in important skills such as Project Management, Event Planning, Interactive Design, and Policy Making.

The Mythos Council works with adults to:

  1. Organize the Museum Play Challenge
  2. Select finalists and award winners
  3. Host the Opening Gala and the Awards Ceremony
  4. Curate an Object Stories exhibit at the Portland Art Museum
  5. Write Bylaws and set the Vision of the Challenge as an annual event

How to Join the Council

  1. Apply online by October 23rd.
  2. Attend an Informational Session that last week of October, 2015 to meet the 2015 youth council.

Please contact Jeffrey Sens at if you have any questions.



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